At Balletinis we care very much about our lovely dancers and their families.

In line with current health guidelines, Balletinis classes have been suspended until further notice. We are monitoring the situation and will resume classes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Stay Well!


First Timers: It is normal for children to want to watch the class and not participate in every exercise the first time. We have found that once they have had a good look, they join in at their own pace and enjoy the experience more.



Up or Down?: Try not to pick the little dancer up, with much experience we have found that is better to come down to their level and reassure them, for example in an exercise that is moving around the room it is more beneficial to allow the child to stand and watch than to carry them around the room, standing to moving is a more natural development than carrying to moving.

We also find that if one child is picked up, other children will want to be picked up too, even if they have previously participated fully



Feeling Overwhelmed: If a little dancer becomes upset, and you feel they are overwhelmed, it is fine to step outside for a breather then to come back in when you feel the child is calm. Often once outside the little dancer will want to come back in.

Tips for Grown Ups

Speech Development: We will encourage the children to speak throughout the class, so often putting pacifiers away is beneficial, however that is your choice to make as a carer.



Waiting and Sharing: Occasionally we will introduce the concept of waiting or sharing. This can be tricky, but it is amazing what children can do when everyone is on board, please encourage your child to wait for their turn or to share, even if there are a few objections, it is all part of the process.



Footwear: While you may initially be concerned that little feet might become cold, tights and socks are not recommended as they cause instability on a dance floor and can result in slips or trips. Bare feet are more stable and allow the child to move more freely.


Have Fun!